About me



I am Luis Fernando Bernardi Junqueira, but you might also know me as 林友樂 – pronounced Lin Youle in Mandarin or Lam Yau Lok in Cantonese – or as ルイス (in Japanese).


Having completed my PhD studies at UCL in October 2023, I am currently a Research Associate at the Centre for the Social History of Health & Healthcare, University of Strathclyde, Scotland.


My expertise lies in the interplay between science, medicine and religion in late imperial and modern China, roughly spanning from the 15th to the 20th centuries. More recently, I have ventured into the research fields of esotericism, mental health and the psychological disciplines in 20th-century East Asia. A growing interest of mine is uncovering the contributions of laypeople (i.e., non-experts) in generating health, psychological and scientific knowledge, both in East Asia and around the world.


Coming from the Global South myself and having been trained as a global historian in eight countries, I am deeply committed to decolonising research and pedagogy within the history of science, medicine and psychology.


On this website, you are invited to delve into my academic journey and discover the various research projects I have been involved with, from past initiatives and current research to my future pursuits.

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